Chase Student Credit Card

If you happen to be looking for the Chase Student Credit Card we have some news for you here. Actually, there is no current Chase Student Credit Card that is being offered through the Chase Bank. Chase bank is popular for a lot of great banking features and credit cards. However, the Chase Student Credit Card just isn't something that exists on the Chase Bank roster at this time. We do know of another option that is available for Students in the area of student credit card products. That card happens to be the Upromise Credit Card. The Upromise Credit card will be the card we will share with you here as your best option since the Chase Student Credit Card doesn't actually exist at this time.

They have cash back options that are available for each and everything that could be purchased with the Upromise Credit Card. There are some people who happen to have complaints against this program just like there are against everything. It seems that any time you find a really huge successful product online, you are bound to find those who will hate it and for most times poor reasons. There may always be a better product for you on the market. That fact is determined by what you deem to be your needs at the time you are looking for in a card product.


We are going to make sure to make the cash back incentives you get with the Upromise Credit Card as simple as we possibly can. Whenever you are going to use your Upromise Credit Card within the site of Upromise, you are going to gain a very nice 5% cash return. There are thousands of really great restaurants that are with the Upromise program that you will earn 4% of your cash returned when you use your Upromise Credit Card to purchase from. You can even use your Upromise Credit Card at Exxon mobile if you would like to earn the 3% cash return for your purchases there. The last two things that you get in terms of cash back is a 12% back on your use of the Upromise Credit Card at theatres and a 1% back on all other purchases that are done while using your Upromise Credit Card. Your points for this card will really add up pretty fast as long as you make great use of your Upromise Credit Card.

There is a $25 in cash that is given to you just for opening your Upromise Credit Card account as their way of welcoming you into the program and giving you some funds to get started off with. For the first full year that you have your Upromise Credit Card you will experience a zero interest which will help get you adjusted in well with the Upromise Credit Card program.  At any time that you would like to redeem cash back rewards on your Upromise Credit Card account, you just need to contact them and make sure of the method you would like to use. You can either get them as a direct deposit into an account of your choice, or as a credit to your account as they already stand. It would be the best advice to allow these funds to remain untouched in your account so that they can be used for college emergencies as the Upromise Credit Card program intended.